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May 04, 2008 · Funny first place talent show act @ Lindbergh High college in St. Louis, MO. We won $100 out of it all. We called ourselves The. Most. Electrifying. Dance.

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Jun 23, 2016 · How to Run a Talent Show. Talent shows are a great to raise money and gather your community. While talent shows take considerable time and dedication, they

Introduction to Creating TV Show Ideas that sell for Reality TV, Drama Series, Docuseries, Game Shows, and Movies. Visit our Creating for TV menu for more articles

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25 Humorous Ideas for a Talent Show: It’s 100% Hysterical. Although ‘serious’ acts performed in talent shows receive impressive attention from the crowds, there is

16 Supercool Talent Show Ideas That’ll Surely Impress the Judges. There are many talent shows that go beyond the usual acting, singing, dancing.

General Ideas: Set up a Help-O-Meter to keep track of the number of hours youth volunteer in the community. Organize a recognition program for the volunteers who lead

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The Talent Wellness Program is considered to be as good as the testing programs initiated by major sports leagues and corporations. The WWE program is unique in the

Concert Ideas helps colleges and universities across the country create the music, comedy, and lecture experiences they want. What artists would you like to bring to

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Do you ever find yourself running out of ideas for fun family activities? Here is a list of 20 family game night ideas.

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Includes hilarious video examples! The sequel to my first article listing ideas for a killer comedy act for your college, church, fraternity, sorority, or office

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