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Anal anatomy What is anal cancer? What are the different types of anal cancer? What are other types of anal masses or growths?

Find out about tests to diagnose cancer and monitor it during and after treatment, including what each test can show, how you have it and how to prepare.

How doctors diagnose back pain causes and the tests and exams they use from the experts at WebMD.

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This Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians is designed to help health care providers quickly assess the appropriate HPV and cervical cancer screening methods and

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Do you read nutrition labels? If so, what do you look for? Some of us concentrate on fat grams, calories, carbs, protein, sugar and sodium and while this

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What is an anal fissure?An anal fissure is a tear in the lining of the lower rectum (anal canal) that causes pain during bowel movements. Anal fissures don’t lead to

!1 Paper 430-2013 Chi-Square and T-Tests Using SASĀ®: Performance and Interpretation Jennifer L. Waller and Maribeth H. Johnson Georgia Regents University, Augusta

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Mayo Clinic surgeons are skilled at performing minimally invasive ileoanal anastomosis (J-pouch) surgery.

Anal Rectal Motility. In anorectal manometry, a thin tube, called a manometry probe, is inserted into the anal canal and slowly withdrawn. The probe is attached to a

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