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fuck (fŭk) Vulgar Slang v. fucked, fuck·ing, fucks 1. To have sexual intercourse with. 2. To take advantage of, betray, or cheat; victimize. 3. Used in the

Fuck! You guys are going to like this new release from Straight Off Base. Tyson is in the US Navy and a Petty Officer 2nd Class. He is tattooed and very muscular.

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I love fucking teens as their man’s film and it’s eve more fun if the guy’s teen get off from her man watching so when my tattooed and

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Creative. Maddening. A feeling of accomplishment.

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Richard Spencer, the Baldur von Schirach of getting clocked in the face, was on the receiving end of yet more humiliation earlier today when he was peacefully

The word fuck is a component of many acronyms, some of which—like SNAFU and FUBAR—date as far back as World War II. Many more recent coinages, such as the

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“F.U.R.B. (Fuck You Right Back)” (censored on the single art and publicly as “F.U.R.B. (F U Right Back)”) is a song by American pop/R&B singer Frankee from her debut

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