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1945 Ideal Baby Beautiful doll 18″ Ideal Novelty and Toy Company began in 1906 by 1938 they changed the company name to Ideal Toy Company. Ideal dolls are made of

Dick Tracy Dolls 86

Dick Tracy Dolls 86

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All about identifying Ideal dolls of the 1950s with photos & descriptions

Richard Gilbert “Dick” Griffey (November 16, 1938 – September 24, 2010) was an American record producer and music promoter who founded SOLAR Records, an acronym for

The following is a list of Dick Tracy villain debuts. One of the appeals of the Dick Tracy comic strip is its unique villains. Many had bizarre deformities including

Dick Tracy Dolls 30

Dick Tracy Dolls 90

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Dick Tracy Dolls 111

Dick Tracy Dolls 64

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Click here for LARGER picture: Tramp Figure. An action figure from the 1990 film “Dick Tracy”, Steve the Tramp was recalled when Reverend Donald Wildmon complained

Dick Tracy Dolls 71

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Dick Tracy Dolls 118

Dick Tracy Dolls 41

Dick Tracy Dolls 101

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