Funniest Sex Toys

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I saw a new sex toy today – a vibrator imbedded in a bar of soap. It got me thinking – first about our own soap masturbation toy, then about things people do in the

QUIZ: Are These Sex Toys or Cleaning Products? Rub-a-dub-dub

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From an Artificial Hymen to an Obama dildo, meet some of the craziest sexual toys money can buy. NOTE: This article contains explicit sexual material and it’s

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We found some of the funniest sex stories Reddit had to offer, and they do not disappoint.

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The 18 Funniest ren’s Books We Know No fooling: These volumes guarantee gargantuan giggles

I Rode the Mechanical Bull of Sex Toys and It’s Not for the Faint of Heart (or Vagina) “I turned it on and the vibrations almost threw me off the bed.”

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Like elves in Santa’s workshop, bootleg toy makers around the world are busy cranking action figures and games for all of the world’s ren. Only these will be

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Sex with your wife or teenfriend is always amazing, right? But when you’re really horny and she’s not around, it’s best to turn to homemade sex toys for men.

We used science to figure out the funniest tweets ever. Starring Rob Delaney, Megan Amram, and mostly people that are just hilarious.

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