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While “ningyo” or human figurines can be traced to ancient Japanese rituals, it wasn’t until the Edo Period (1604-1868) that dolls tru

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Pencil Sketches are generally made on the location in a quick manner to give it a finished touch later on. Best Pencil Sketches. Free hand drawing.

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Table sculptures and floor sculpture art make the perfect focal point on a table or room corner. We offer a huge selection of themed sculpture statues including Asian

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Chicago Appraisers explains how Ivory Carvings, Statues and Figurines can be the

Geisha tattoos are quite popular all over the world. To every person they mean something different. Check out 28 Best Geisha Tattoos that will make you envy

Dual language English-Arabic world fiction, with English and Arabic on facing pages. Many classic titles to choose from.

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