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The ideas here will teach you how to make your own piñatas using a couple different techniques. You will be inspired when you discover how easy it can be. For those

Founded in 2008, The Sweetest Occasion is an ode to the beauty of the everyday. Editor, founder and cocktail shaker in residence, Cyd Converse, shares sweet and

May 16, 2012 · Learn how to make a Pinata with cardboard in a fast, easy way. No paper mache and no balloons in this DIY pinata folks. Joquena from http://www

I’m starting a new series on Oh Happy Day on how to make different pinatas! Today’s pinata DIY is how to make a number pinata, though this could easily be a

Part of a pinata’s unique charm is that no matter how ornate it is or how much time went into making it, its decorative qualities are entirely temporary. Stuffed with

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Lots of pinatas you can make at home with your s.

Cute food for holidays and special occasions. Find recipes and tutorials to make homemade chocolate, decorated cupcakes and cakes, fun rice krispie treats, modeling

Feb 18, 2013 · A couple of weeks ago my est teen turned 5. She got to have her first ever friend party. We celebrated with a candy land theme. She, of course

When I think of apples, the first thing I think of is caramel. One of my favorite treats growing up when we went to the County Fair, were Caramel Apples, so adding

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These are some of the piñatas we’ve made in the past. Penguin for the Mary Poppins birthday (see more here) The Cheshire Cat for the Alice in Wonderland birthday

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