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Thomson has the largest selection of imperial based ball screw products in the industry.

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A ball screw is a mechanical linear actuator that translates rotational motion to linear motion with little friction. A threaded shaft provides a helical raceway for

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With the world’s leading Ball Screw, NSK has been contributing to industrial growth. NSK Ball Screws were developed through cutting-edge tribology (friction control

Celebrating 30 Years in the Plastics Industry 1986-2016. New Castle News Article – Precision Feed Screws Celebrates 30 Years. The important difference in our

10mm diameter screw, 4mm lead. 430mm approx. overall length with approx. 300mm of nut travel. Precision GROUND screw, C3 rated.

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Ball Screws. Our ball screw facility builds, manufactures and services recirculating ball screw assemblies, special thread forms, gears and spline shafts, including

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When it comes to shoulder screws, precision makes all the difference. The requirements and constraints of a project, sometimes call for a standard shoulder screw

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Contact Nook Industries if you’re looking for precision ball screws. Our balls screws efficiently convert rotary motion to linear motion.

Ball screws by Thomson – Anti-friction design with precision ground or rolled helical groove – converts radial torque to linear thrust.

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Thomson BSA delivers accuracy, precision and experience in each and every ball screw and lead screw. Contact us at 800-882-8857 for a quote.

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