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We have put together a few videos of our FTM Prosthetic products displaying their movement and flexibility.

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Tired of waiting for the Perfect Prosthetic?Transmen : A new company with an all new design for the complete penile prosthetic. It is fully functioning, extremely

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$14.99 CURVED COCK-7.5 X 1.75″ HOLLOW STRAP ON DJ070002 . The multi-sex strap-on system for men and women.

Dunham and Rhys talked about his teens role and prosthetic penis assault in a New York Times interview last month. “I just want to make sure that everyone knows that

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Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. creates adult and prosthetics for ear reconstruction, microtia, and more. Visit today to learn more.

Sigourney Weaver asserted the genre film isn’t transphobic: “It certainly demonstrates the pain of being forcibly put into the wrong body. There’s nothing more

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As part of our celebration of the golden age of naked television that we are living in, we talked to actor Kristian Nairn, aka Game of Thrones’s Hodor, about one of

Our prosthetics feature a unique silicone gel that allows for an ultra-realistic feeling penis, now with an improved process that more realistically mimics actual

At Deep Memories, we offer high quality male sex toys and prosthetic penis extensions. Perfect for any night of fun, buy our penis sleeves, penis extender, male

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