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Can You Guess Your Baby’s Sex? Trying to tell whether it’s a man or teen? Here’s what works — and what doesn’t.

But there’s less talk about the topic of sex during pregnancy, perhaps because of cultural tendencies to not associate expectant mothers with sexuality.

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Implantation bleeding is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Not every pregnant woman will experience it; some will and some won’t. During implantation, the

Catching enough ZZZs during pregnancy can be difficult for many women. Here’s why – plus tips for better sleep.

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Reproduction is a basic drive in all s, including humans. Think you know what human reproduction is all about? Discover the biology of sex.

Apr 26, 2012 · Video embedded · Find out more about sex during pregnancy here Get the scoop from …

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Bleeding during pregnancy is common, especially during the first trimester, and usually it’s no cause for alarm. But because bleeding can sometimes be a sign of

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Because your body doesn’t change that much in the first trimester, sex can pretty much continue as it has in the past. Later, as the uterus grows, some positions may

When is having sex during pregnancy risky, and when can you just relax and enjoy it? Whether it’s finding the safest pregnancy sex positions or what you can expect

Looking for information about gonorrhea and pregnancy? This article covers the effects the symptoms, treatment and prevention of gonorrhea during pregnancy.

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