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Marines Shared Nude Photos of Female Colleagues in a Secret Facebook Group. The fabled fighting unit’s latest enemy isn’t on the battlefield — it’s online.

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Nov 02, 2013 · During down time, the Army was holding Friday Night Fights for any troops wanting to release some tension and have a little fun. One female Soldier thought

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After U.S. marines shared photos of their nude female co-workers online, Jennifer Wright asks why women are still blamed for sending naked photos in the first place.

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Women Marines Association. The WMA is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization comprised of women who have served or are serving honorably in the United States

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The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website. The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website. Search

The official homepage of the 3rd Amphibious Warfare Studies Group (Maritime). Vital information for the Airborne-Special Operations-Infantry community U.S. Army-wide.

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We asked the editors of Esquires international editions, Who is the sexiest woman in your country? Here are the women they chose.

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Tag archive for Sexy Uniform theCHIVE Newsletter. It’s an email newsletter. The name pretty much sums it up.

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