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Are you a road rules master? Or, do you need a refresher? Take our quiz below to find out! Share your results with your friends to prove that you’re the best driver

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The teen birth rate has been on a steep decline since the early 1990s. What’s behind the trend?

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May 19, 2017 · A 15-year-old high college soccer player hanged himself after he received insulting messages from bullies on a social media app, according to reports.

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The best time to figure out how to deal with risky situations is before you’re in the heat of the moment. Practice your skills and test your smarts with the

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The share of teens working summer jobs has dwindled, from well over half as recently as the 1980s to less than a third last year.

The Center for Dialog & Resolution (also known as: Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution) is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3), mediation service provider

Residential Teen Treatment Center & Drug Rehab for Teens Struggling with Substance , Addiction, Depression, Anger, Defiance, Anxiety & Mental Illness.

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Teen counseling with experienced therapists in Michigan for all teen issues including teen drug addiction, bullying, teen depression and anxiety treatment.

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Facts, info, and stats on teen and violent teens. Teen statistics on teen bullying, college , gang activity, suicide. Stats on consequences

The sixth annual Trackside charity golf tournament took place on Monday, June 12, at Oak Hills Park Golf Course in Norwalk.

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