Vaginal Tearing From Sex

WebMD discusses the safety and health concerns associated with anal sex.

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How Common is Inadequate Lubrication? Approximately 40% of females in the United States have reported inadequate lubrication during sexual activity, making it the

| Causes of vaginal dryness before and after the menopause, and what to do about a dry vagina (including oestrogen creams)

Learn about causes and treatments of abnormal vaginal bleeding like hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, menopause, diseases, bleeding disorders, medications, and anovulation.

Learn about the common causes of vaginal bleeding after sex, including other symptoms associated with these health conditions and how they are treated.

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Vaginal tears during birth are common. See illustrations of various degrees of vaginal tears and treatment tips.

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PSA: You Can Bruise, Cut, and Tear Your Vagina And you should definitely know what to do if you get a down-there injury. By Cassie Shortsleeve August 22, 2016

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Many women think vaginal dryness symptoms only matter in relation to pain during sex, but there are SO many important reasons to water your flower!

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You just had great sex with your loved one and several hours later your vagina feels sore, as if it has tears around the vaginal opening. Whenever you urinate you try

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Common Sex Injuries and how to fix them The fix: The reason tearing happens is that you’re too dry down there, meaning the fix is pretty simple: Be sure you’re

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