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Old Fashioned Telephones. Antique style & Vintage style Crosley Replica / Reproduction Telephones. Deco / Retro candlestick telephones, 1950’s public payphones by

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Antique candlestick telephones offer a very unique decorative style for your home. These phones have a graceful, characteristic design that is instantly recognizable.

I stock a wide range of British candlestick telephones

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Hand-crafted Victorian, Art Deco, Oriental lampshades – nearly 150 styles. Custom designs.

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We sell Western Electric telephones tahat have been restored to like new condition. These are to include phones from the early 190s to the 1950s . They are either

Vintage Candlestick 86 We have most any old vintage antique telephone, orginal parts, signs, insulators and anything related to the old telephones. We repair too!

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People started collecting phones shortly after Alexander Graham Bell patented them in 1876. Some of those early handmade wood telephones fro

Candlestick telephones, also known as “upright desk stands,” first gained popularity in the 1880s as the telephone became an important p

Home page for our vintage lighting offerings. Chandeliers, sconces, brackets, and table lamps.

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