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UFO Robot Grendizer (UFOロボ グレンダイザー, Yūfō Robo Gurendaizā), also known as Force Five: Grandizer in the United States, is a Super Robot

Showcase for diecast super-robot toys or chogokins, including Gundam, Popy robots, Transformers, Diaclone, Soul of Chogokin, Godaikins. Reviews, pictures, message

Getter Robo (Japanese: ゲッターロボ, Hepburn: Gettā Robo, typically romanized as Getter Robot in the various manga) is a Super Robot manga series created by

Getter Robo Toys 60

When Hasbro brought the Transformers to the United States in 1984, the toys were an overnight sensation. A generation of ren raised on

Getter Robo Toys 16

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Toy Story Combination Woody Robo Sheriff Star Metal Figure – Bandai Tamashii Nations – Toy Story – Action Figures – Woody and friends can combine!? A totally wild

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