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SS Uniforms. The SS had some of the most widely recognized uniforms of the 20th century. The SS runes tab on the collar was instantly recognizable

All uniforms are accurate 100% black wool (exact blend of original Allgemeine-SS uniforms). Set comes with the following items

Union Militaria has been providing superb repro ss uniform,wehrmacht uniform,kriegsmarine uniform,luftwaffe uniform,ww1 german uniforms,german caps,german insignia

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From officers to soldiers of the ww2 German Waffen SS, all fabrics of the German World War two (ww2,wwii) Waffen SS uniforms have been custom made to WW2sale’s very

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Picture is of “Peiper”, this is same only collar-tabs are for Hauptsturmführer. The uniform is supplied with:-SS-Collar tabs for SS-Hauptsturmführer

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DESCRIPTION: The SS had a special wedding ring and you can see above. This was the official wedding ring of the black Allgemeine SS (Schutzstaffel).

ALL the pictures are taken by which is based on the real items. SS M32 Parade Uniform which is made of black woolen cloth, the price of $75.00 only

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Background: The Nazis liked uniforms. Every part of the party had its own uniform, complete with accompanying regalia. I’ve even come across internal

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Waffen-SS Armband (Item WAF 1-6) DESCRIPTION: This armband measuring 8 X 4 ½ inches is the band worn by persons who were helpers to the Waffen-SS personnel.

Himmler (1900-1945) was a German National Socialist (Nazi) politician, police administrator, and military commander. He was the head of the SS and the Nazi secret police.

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